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The microscope is an essential tool in many areas of scientific research. In this video, ULRIKE FUCHS explains how the latest developments in laser technology can significantly improve microscopy. Focusing on fluorescence microscopy, Fuchs demonstrates the advantages of using a laser with a “top hat” shaped beam distribution in place of the standard Gaussian beam distribution. Delivering striking improvements in areas including photo bleaching and high throughput stitching, the research also has important implications for common and stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy.


Dr. Ulrike Fuchs is Vice President for Strategy and Innovation at asphericonGmbH. Having previously headed the company’s Departments of Applications and Optical Design, she completed her doctorate in Physics at the University of Jena in 2009. Named as an inventor on numerous patent registrations and a fellow of The Optical Society, Fuchs was the inaugural winner (in 2018) of the Kevin P. Thompson Optical Design Innovator Award.


asphericon GmbH

Founded in 2001, asphericon is one of the technology leaders in the field of aspheric optics and systems. By combining a worldwide unique CNC control technology with high-end manufacturing processes, asphericon routinely achieves unique levels of dimensional precision for optical components, assemblies and systems. The latest manufacturing technologies, continually evolving proprietary control software, world-class metrology equipment, and highly qualified employees ensure that asphericon can provide more than 750 customers worldwide with innovative solutions. asphericon assists its customers from the initial optical design, through manufacturing and coating, precision metrology, optical characterization to the assembly of optical modules to complete ready-made systems - everything at a space approved quality level.
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Original publication

Flat-field Illumination for Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging

Khaw Ian, Croop Benjamin, Tang Jialei, Moehl Anna, Fuchs Ulrike and Han Kyu Young
Optics Express
Published in 2018

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Exploring the Unlimited Possibilities of Modular Aspheric Gauss to Top-Hat Beam Shaping

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